Kara has an embodied presence that I have very rarely experienced. She holds space in a way that feels safe, relaxing, and inviting. She holds the mirror to your truth, challenging your thinking, while asking questions to further explore your higher knowing and affirming when you rise to self. She’s incredibly knowledgable, kind and giving. I would recommend her to anyone looking to dive further into their wellness journey, explore greater depths and or looking for natural solutions to heal. - Peri Deluyn


My time spent with Kara was very profound. She helped me to reach some deep aspects of my past, then process and release heavy stagnant energy that had been weighing on me since I was very young. While only one part of a larger issue, it felt very integral and pivotal to my own process of healing, personal evolution and growth. The space she held for me was compassionate but firm, I felt safe with her to move into and through my own pain, shed some much needed tears, and be with my self in those hard places while she held the container for me to do so. Her guidance in listening to the sensations in my body helped me connect with and inhabit my own body in a way that felt comforting, where before it felt vulnerable and scary. The personal tools for grounding and healthy boundaries that she empowered me with felt immediately impactful, and are strategies I know I will be using to support myself for a long time to come.
-Alexander Weyer


I've been on a journey to heal from childhood abuse for as long as I can remember. Someone told me about Kara and I was very interested in the integration of traditional naturopathy and somatic therapy that she does. Working with her has been amazing. She's been able to assist me with some medical concerns I've had in addition to the healing I've had for PTSD symptoms through her somatic approach to emotional healing. Because of my work with her, I've been able to heal even more deeply than before. I participated in a daylong immersive experience with Kara which has changed my life more than anything else I've ever done. She's compassionate, skilled, and professional.
- Barbara Beerthuis


I have been living with chronic illness for over nine years. I made some improvements in my health on my own and with other practitioners and then my healing stalled and even went backwards. In my first appointment with Kara she was able to help identify a massive missing piece and help me to find hope of healing again. She's been patient, kind, and compassionate in meeting me where I am and has gone above and beyond in her care, especially while my family and I had COVID-19.
- Heather Ensign


Working with Kara has greatly changed my life in so many beautiful ways. I originally sought out her services due to pelvic pain, hormone related issues, and infertility struggles. She helped me to access and work with the difficult emotional/mental patterns that were underlying these conditions and this led to amazing results. Through exploring my felt senses, she also helped me to discover safety and acceptance within by own body, which I had not previously experienced. This access to safety within my own self has allowed for significantly less anxiety and fear in many areas of my life. This shift alone has been so profound, it is hard to put into words. I can not express enough how thankful I am for her and her truly healing practice. The non-judgmental space she provides in her sessions is so inviting and leads to so many beautiful transformations. I have recommended her to my immediate family members and closest friends and I would strongly encourage anyone seeking greater health and vitality to seek out her services. She is a true gift to this world.
- Michel A


Kara's prompts and insights were surprisingly effective and I felt I made great progress in our sessions. She met me where I was at, which was as somebody completely new to somatic therapy.
- Paul Moore


I so enjoy working with Kara, she is so steady and knowledgeable in such a holistic way. As someone who had been chasing symptoms for years, she has been a wonderful guide to the root of the situation. She is a great practitioner who wants to help you back into the driver seat of your health.
- Kayla Mielke


Kara is a knowledgable, kind, and intuitive practitioner. She is able to help me see through the stories I tell myself and help me get to the truth of my body.  She is always willing to take the time to listen to her clients, and walk with them through the process. I take my children to see her as well, and she works with them in such a respectful and gentle manner.  They feel as though they can talk with her, and that they will be taken seriously. From acute symptoms to chronic issues, you can trust Kara with the needs of yourself and your family.

- Jessica V.


Just when I thought no one would really listen to me, I found Kara! At our first meeting, she really took the time to LISTEN to me.  Her entire presence was calming, safe and healing. I felt that I could open up to her and really get to the root of my problems. I had some GI issues that were not resolving, which I ultimately felt were related to stress and anxiety. After our first meeting she suggested some tea mixtures and some herbal supplements that were really helpful. Through subsequent sessions, we have done energy work, she introduced me to tapping and has suggested various flower essences that have been extremely helpful. I feel like I am in a good place now, my chest pain and GI issues are mostly resolved and I can say that I feel like I have a good handle on how to deal with stress and negative energy in my life. Kara is extremely good at what she does! She has a way of eliciting thoughts, feelings and emotions that no one else has been able to do for me. She has a wealth of knowledge and can really tune into conversation to help. Go in with an open mind and heart and Kara can help you. 
- Chris King


Kara was recommended to me by a friend who had nothing but wonderful things to say about her. After following Kara on social media and gaining such fascinating insights on natural modalities of healing, I decided that it was time to invest in her wisdom and myself. I’ve had three sessions with Kara and after every one I feel so much lighter, transformed and most importantly heard. Not only am I as an individual heard, but all of my repressed emotions are as well. The space she creates is safe, open and warm. I initially went to her because I was experiencing amenorrhea for almost a year, but she helped in uncovering an underlying thyroid dis-functioning as well other imbalances in my body. It was only a couple of weeks later that my cycle returned. Kara asks the questions that lead to breakthroughs. She works with several amazing healing practices that open the body and mind up to transform. So excited to be working with her, and cannot express enough gratitude for her and her services. If you’re searching for someone who will help lead you to wellbeing and make you feel empowered to take control of your healing process, reach out to Kara!
- Maeden D.


Words cannot really express the joy + value I find in knowing Kara and spending time with her. I came to Continuum initially with a few major health concerns, one of which being intestinal parasites and prolonged lung issues. I was mentally wrapped up and anxious and my body was lethargic from not processing and absorbing nutrients. Kara spent hours and hours talking with me through the mind-body connections and I ended up finding my way into herbal tinctures and treatments that not only relieved my bodily inflictions, but the mental battles I faced that were keeping me sick as well. Kara is gentle, gracious, wise and intuitive with her practice and it is liberating for me every time I leave her space. I have since moved away and will continue to keep my connections with her and return for energy work. I am so grateful for the space to share, breathe, and be well in every layer of my person.
- Sasha S.


The immersive ceremonial session with Kara was one of the most profound healing experiences of my life. I was able to access parts of myself that had been blocked for years. Kara was able to provide such a safe and supportive presence, which allowed me to finally release layers of pain and trauma. The session also led to a deeper connection to my Soul and I have been able to bring this relationship into my daily life. I am beyond thankful for the immense amount of healing and transformation I experienced in just one day. 
- MA


For more than three years I struggled with severe bloating, sharp abdominal pains, fatigue, and anxiety. Over the years I was tested for different bacterial infections and diseases but nothing was detected or treated. I knew my body was not digesting food well or getting enough nutrients. After battling with the these symptoms for more than three years I was finally introduced to Kara. Kara has listened with an open mind and a kind heart. We have worked on healing my body from the inside out and the results have been life changing. I am so grateful for the time she has spent helping me find the root cause of my symptoms and learning how to be fully alive and well! 
- Stacey B


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kara for several months and could not be more thrilled with the care I have received from her. She is knowledgable, attentive, thorough, responsive, patient and, most importantly, she truly cares about her clients. Kara makes me feel like I have a wellness partner that educates me, rather than a dictator who uses fear or forces me into treatment I’m not comfortable with. With Kara I feel like I have options and she works with me to put together a plan that works best for me.

I have a 22 month old son who Kara has been treating for respiratory issues and he absolutely loves her. She makes him feel safe and comfortable and I greatly enjoy watching them interact together during our appointments. I feel that children are a great judge of character, so it was amazing to see how much my son immediately trusted her.

Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Kara the next time you are in need!

- Erica Z.


I brought my three month old son in to Kara to get some insight into why he was spitting up so much (exclusively breastfed baby). I immediately liked Kara and was thrilled to be working with her. She has a peaceful presence and is incredibly attentive. You feel heard when you are with her, which should be of utmost importance when you are sharing about physical concerns with a care provider. I felt comfortable with her and knew she cared about helping us achieve better health for my son. After having great experiences talking through health concerns for both myself and my son, I later brought my two year old daughter in to see her. I was so pleased and impressed with how she interacted with my daughter and mention it because it stood out to me so much. She spoke to my little girl in such a respectful way, introducing herself and offering to shake her hand. I highly recommend seeing Kara for your baby, your child, and/or yourself.
- Elise


I was nervous at first when I set up my couple few appointments. I was worried I’d have too many things to have to change right away or that I wouldn’t be able to explain accurately how I was feeling and symptoms I was having. Kara walked me through each step and was easy to open up with. Through meeting with Kara, some of the rashes on my skin have lessened or disappeared completely! I find myself more aware of my breathing and am more “in the moment” I also have a huge freedom from releasing crap from the past and seeing space for new and better things that can take place. Through becoming more aware of how I feel and why, I’m able to have a more positive outlook on life. I feel like I have power for the challenges that may arise. When I was sick (with a cold/bug that was going around), Kara made me a combination of different herbs (tincture) that helped significantly with my symptoms and I was feeling better within a week!
- KJ


I was a little hesitant with the thought of setting up an appointment with a naturopath. I had no idea what to expect. The little I did know came from chatting with a co-worker about his and his family’s experiences. What I did know for sure was that I was looking for a “natural approach” with my issue(s) and did not want to see my regular doctor and end up with a prescription medication.

It’s been 4 months, I have come to look forward to my appoint with Kara. My original reason for seeing her was help with hair loss and the desire to replace my need for caffeine to get me through my day. I’m 56 and have a very stressful full time job. Kara has not only helped me address my hair loss and caffeine issue with herbs and essential oils, but also has become a counselor of sorts to me. We have talked through some of the things that cause me stress and Kara has questioned the words I use which has helped me tremendously to choose to look at things that I take responsibility for that I shouldn’t. Talking through life “out loud” with Kara has opened my eyes (and mind) to those stressors in my life that I cause myself – and it has given me the option to go on with life as-is or the strength to make some changes. I’ve chosen to make changes and look forward to growing so I will be the best person I can be.

- Karen


Kara, thank you for encouraging us to eat fermented foods. It was the one thing missing in what I thought was a healthy diet. My 88-year-old dad and I have been living together for almost two years now and neither one of us has been sick even once. That’s amazing since he’s at a daycare three times a week – a likely germ factory. Before I started fermenting yogurt, veggies, beans and kombucha, my insides were in turmoil. Sometimes after I ate, I thought I would throw up. I was so worried I had cancer and did the Cologuard test. What a relief when it came back negative. Sleep was difficult, too, and I had to fight to keep from being depressed. It seems that diet was the underlying factor. Before Kara’s suggestion, neither my dad nor I were eating fermented foods. Now we do that every day. Also, there is the serendipitous reward of the natural aromatherapy from stuff fermenting in the house – rye berries and veggies especially are nice. Thanks again, and I hope others with turmoil would consider a high fiber, fermented diet. It may just do the trick for you, too. For me, having something fermented at least twice a day, preferably with every meal, makes a big difference.
- Dan Westmaas