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In an initial naturopathic consultation, we'll talk about your present symptoms, health history, lifestyle and stressors. Using non-invasive assessments, like muscle testing, iridology and sclerology, we'll hone in on what's at the root and put together an action plan that may include a blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals, food, flower essences, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, meditation, energy practices, lifestyle adjustments and much more. You'll never leave feeling overwhelmed. This plan is put together based on what is comfortable for you.



General sessions are for those who've had an initial appointment with me. They are usually scheduled one month apart, though I do work with some people on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. In these sessions, we adjust the original suggestion plan if needed and continue to dive into identifying patterns and blocks. I offer many modalities and suggest them as appropriate:

  • Mind-body Counseling

  • Energy work

  • Craniosacral therapy

  • EFT/Tapping

  • Somatic movement

  • Jo work

  • Reflexology

  • and more



This series is focused on mindful attention to the body through movement and dance or jo work.

Somatic therapy offers the potential for insight, meditative practice and healing emotional, mental or physical patterns.

In these sessions, you will be guided through an exploration of your emotions and beliefs by way of your body’s movement. Kara will guide you in mindful movement prompts that invite you to pay attention to the often ignored parts of our human beingness. You may also be prompted to use movement to work through overwhelming emotion or stressful situations. With an attention to self-knowing, Kara infuses holistic counseling into each session to help you uncover your own truths. Some sessions or all may include a movement practice with the jo. You may come in with something specific to work through or arrive with an openness to what emerges.

This offering may be for you if you:

• Desire more freedom in your life

• Feel blocked or stagnant in direction, purpose or creativity

• Experience chronic anxiety
• Want more than traditional talk therapy
• Deal with chronic health issues
• Frequently feel overwhelmed or stressed out
• Are limited in mobility
• Desire a new movement practice
• Still feel stuck despite talk therapy

This practice is beneficial for ADD, ADHD, anger, anxiety, chronic pain, creativity, communication, confidence, depression, divorce, emotional acuity, leadership, mental health, multiple sclerosis, parenting, relationship issues, stress, trauma and much more.

No prior experience with mindfulness, meditation, movement practice, somatic therapy or counseling is necessary.

Each session should be scheduled within two weeks of each other. Payment is required upon scheduling first somatic movement session.