In an exploration of our embodied patterns, this class offers you deep insight into understanding where the unconscious holds you back and offers a practice that allows you to hold less and be in the freedom of presence more.

Several modalities will offer you space to see yourself and to be held and seen in community. An infusion of conceptual energy patterns (our embodied survival strategies and personality influencers) and movement practices (primarily using the jo, an Aikido weapon) will offer self-reflection, while an introduction to energy skillsets will be fundamental to building a presence practice. In other words, you'll learn potent tools that will serve you for life.

This program will meet you wherever you are – whether that's finding more ground or finding yourself, whether that's creating more distance between you and highly emotional reactions, whether thats understanding your boundaries and asserting them, settling hyper vigilance and guarding, whether that's finding more balanced power dynamics in relationships or lessening the charge of inner critics, shame and judgment in exchange for more compassion, love, freedom and peace.

Each class will be two hours long and take place at Lions & Rabbits on Plainfield near Leonard on Sundays. In an effort to offer financially accessible services, the program is priced at $300-500+. Please offer what works for you. Contact me directly for installment plan.

There's space for 10 people only. If you're interested, please email me as soon as possible to reserve your spot.