Presence Practice is a program designed to help you do life differently. Whether that’s the relationship you hold with yourself, with your partner, your children, friends, parents or coworkers, this program will offer you the space and tools to bring you to presence, a space of peace.

/\\//\ Identify limiting belief systems that unconsciously control you /\\//\

Each one of us has a series of stories playing in our subconscious background that limits our ability to thrive. The spell can only be broken, however, by bringing the stories to light. Through body-based modalities, you will explore the beliefs that are holding you hostage from living the life that's meant for you.

As a reaction to these subconscious stories and limiting beliefs, we have also wired ourselves to react with a certain pattern as a coping strategy. Sometimes this pattern is a phenomenal partner; sometimes it’s the thing that wreaks havoc in our relationships. By understanding which of the five patterns you run primarily, you’ll gain self-awareness and insight for how to stop yourself and others from going deeper into pattern. With awareness of each of the five patterns, your personal and professional relationships will transform as you learn tools to help you help them step out of their pattern.

We’re bombarded with myriad forms of energy all the time. When we can learn to work with our own personal energy patterns, we are less reactive, and, instead, we’re more responsive while rooted in presence.

/\\//\ Three potent modalities for exploration and transformation /\\//\

Presence Practice is an amalgamation of three key elements that have––individually––been profoundly transformative for myself and my clients.

Through exploration of the stories we hold through a body-based practice and understanding primary embodied stress patterns for ourselves and others, we gain more choice in the ability to stay or return to presence. Through five fundamental energy management practices, you'll cultivate a deeper ability to maintain and return to presence – this part is definitely the magic ingredient!

/\\//\ What is presence? /\\//\

Presence is the ability to be here now, without distraction, without judgment, without your stories playing in the background, without your personal inner critic, without doubt, fear or shame. Presence is remaining centered in the present moment, rather than the past or the future. Presence is listening fully with our minds, hearts, bodies and energy centers. Presence is a gift we offer ourselves and others. Relationships and patterns only change when we are present.

/\\//\ Who is this program for? /\\//\

  • This program is great for people who want to continue exploring their inner terrain.

  • This program is great for anyone who feels blocked or stagnant in life.

  • This program is great for anyone who struggles with mild to severe anxiety. In fact, it might dramatically alter your relationship with debilitating anxiety.

  • This program will help you get closer to discovering your purpose, even if you have no idea what that is right now.

  • This program is great for empaths, allowing this skillset to be a gift rather than a burden.

  • These practices are great for people who regularly hold space for others in service-based professions.

  • These practices are great for those who frequently interact with others professionally.

  • This program is great for parents who want to support themselves and each of their kids in a way that addresses and nurtures the individual.

  • This program is great for teachers who want to offer a more harmonious environment for their students and quickly tailor support to each student.

  • Wondering if this program is right for you? Send me an email to connect!

/\\//\ How others have experienced Presence Practice elements /\\//\

  • After 40 years of navigating extreme psychic senses (and recently realizing “psychic” was more applicable than “crazy”), a single energy tool helped her to navigate the world and her close relationships in a way that finally felt good rather than overwhelming.

  • After a sudden and debilitating onset of a dark night of the soul (manifested as severe anxiety, voices, suicidal thoughts and depression), this client used basic energy management tools to dramatically shift her experience, including integrating a missing piece she didn’t realize she was missing. She also explored the unconscious stories and beliefs she’d been holding, which helped her to move into a place that felt less intense and more in balance.

  • In working with the jo, a body-based modality we’ll use in the program, one client discovered myriad stories that contributed to anxiety that was holding her back from what she wanted to do in life and contributing to physical health issues. After this body-wisdom-led exploration, somatic release and re-patterning, she experienced drastic shifts in her personal relationships, quit a job to pursue what she really wanted to do and no longer experienced the physical symptoms that first led her to me.

  • "Kara is a master teacher and wonderful guide. In her class, I was able to gain deeper awareness and insight into my patterns and realize I can own my "energy" in a whole new way. The class ended many months ago. Yet I am still using the tools she gave us and, in many ways, benefiting from them now more than ever." - Student of Energy Practice Meditation Group, a year-long program

/\\//\ Logistics /\\//\

  • Begins March 25, 4-7pm

  • We'll meet at the same time one Friday per month March 2022 - February 2023.

  • Meetings are in-person.

  • 12 spots available

  • $2100

  • Payment via check, Venmo, PayPal or CashApp accepted

  • Please contact me to register and arrange for payment. karamcnabb@gmail.com

Presence Practice is a program designed to help you do life differently. Whether that’s the relationship you hold with yourself, with your partner, your children or professionally, this program will offer you the space and tools to bring you to presence. These 12 months are simply the beginning. What you learn will be applicable for the rest of your life. It’s up to you to integrate into your life to feel the depth of transformation.