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Join Kara for a free morning meditation to start your week from a grounded and centered place. Join in person or online.

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Join Kara for dance meditation the first Sunday of the month from 10-11:30 am. Here you're invited to tune in and let your body move freely to a curated music list of myriad rhythms. Close your eyes, connect with yourself and the group, and have fun. FREE.

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Mind Body Magic is a membership-based full-spectrum wellness portal.

Dive deep into self-healing with guidance rooted in traditional naturopathy, somatic work, emotions, subconscious beliefs and energetics.

You’ll be offered comprehensive resources to navigate your physical, emotional and energetic health naturally and holistically.

From natural medicine, like herbalism, flower essences and homeopathy to navigating your limiting subconscious beliefs, cultivating your felt sense, and working with energy medicine, you’ll be offered myriad experiential and informational resources for one full year to find more truth and freedom.

You'll focus on different aspects of natural health, like food, environmental toxins and remedies, along with various systems for deepening self-awareness, like the Enneagram and embodied personality patterns. You’ll learn a few ways to self-assess, like muscle testing, and get to hear holistic perspectives in-depth on various health issues.

Through video, writing, practices and live Q&A, you’ll receive full-spectrum wisdom and knowledge to power your pursuit of wellness.

Content will be delivered throughout the course of 12 months, and membership is only $22 per month.

Your guide, Kara McNabb, pulls from nearly a decade of training and personal experience to help you connect to tried and true methods of healing, AND you'll have her as a resource to navigate the experience. Here are just some of the people and lineages Kara has studied extensively with:

• Traditional Naturopathy with Naturopathic Institute for Therapies and Education instructors

• Energetics with Lynda Caesara and Norma Ramos-Ott

• Psychospiritual Healing with Micah McLaughlin

• Vis Dialogue Holistic Counseling with Dr. Moshe Block

• Western Herbalism with Jim McDonald

• Somatic Therapies with Mike Cohen

• Somatic Embodiment & Regulation Strategies

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We're taught the basics of many things in life, from reading, responsibility and manners, but many of us aren't taught to responsibly use our energy. In this six-session online series, you'll gain a basic understanding of energy practices that will influence your mental health, physical health, emotions and boundaries in a profound way. Classes are designed to enable you to interact with each basic through understanding, personal exploration and experiential practice.

This class is great for those who:
• Feel overpowered by their emotions
• Feel anxious often
• Struggle with boundaries

• Want to step out of conflict patterns

• Are empaths

• Often feel dominated by others

• Tend to dominate others

• Are "control-freaks" or struggle to let go of control

• Want to feel more in control of their life

• Want to stop people-pleasing

• Want to strengthen psychic senses

• Feel burdened by psychic senses

• Feel shut down or closed off

• Feel insecure

• Feel fear often

• Want to feel more grounded or centered

• Desire a deeper connection with Self

• Desire deeper connections with others

• Desire more balanced relationships

• Feel stressed out by their kids

• Are easily influenced or affected by others

• Want to feel energy with more ease

• Want to deepen their current healing practices

• Want to strengthen their holistic health or therapy practice

Interested in this series? Let me know! Whenever there's enough interest generated, I will re-open the program.

Fee is $270 for the series.

Cute Notebooks


Unfold the stories of your life by tuning in to your felt sense and subconscious patterns to inspire healing

A month-long project completed at your own pace, in your own space

Truth Be Told is a mindful writing project designed to help you examine your truth. Not your parents', not your friends’, not your partner's, coworkers' or the media’s. We’re pummeled with the SHOULDs of societal constructs from the moment we are born, and we’ve internalized these ways of being unconsciously, unaware of our own stories. These stories usually begin to create a friction within as we grow. Often, this friction is hard to identify. It might show up as stress, anxiety, depression, anger, and physical symptoms, like pain, digestive issues, disease and more.

Through somatic and mindful self-exploration, you'll unearth the stories that shape you. In this process, you'll find more alignment and less friction as you choose to keep what feels right and release the stories that no longer serve a purpose for you.

What to Expect

  • Two guided meditations at project onset

  • 4 writing prompts per week for 4 weeks starting January 1, 2022

  • Optional online discussion group

  • Your writing is 100% personal and private.

  • All you need is pen, paper, access to email and a quiet space.

  • This project takes place wherever you are and at your own pace.

  • All writing prompts and meditations are available to you forever.


Interested in this project? Email me to be added to the waiting list.