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Hi! I'm Kara McNabb. Here you're invited to explore beneath the surface to discover what will bring you back into wellness. I work with people of all ages offering an infusion of traditional naturopathy and somatic therapy. When we can get to the root, you can begin to heal.

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The physical sensations and symptoms we experience are cues that something is out of balance. They're also clues to discover the mental and emotional roots of disease. Kara integrates a process called Vis Dialogue Holistic Counseling into every session.

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Through non-invasive assessments like muscle testing, iridology, sclerology, tongue, skin, nail and facial analysis, we use your body's wisdom to determine what's at the root of physiological imbalance. You'll leave with a suggested plan that may include herbs, flower essences, food, homeopathy, movement and more.



Mind-body therapies help to release stuck energy that our bodies hold on to in a way that simply talking cannot.

These therapies include energy work, somatic movement, craniosacral therapy and more. 




Natural health for me began with food. I learned about the American food supply and the junk that fills the standard American diet. Transitioning into a different way of eating that was heavy on whole, organic foods made a big difference in my son and my's health. 

I started paying attention to the ingredients of not just what we put into our bodies, but what we put on our bodies. I couldn't believe the toxic load I was subjecting myself to daily through personal care products. 

Then I discovered my naturopath. While he supported me in living more naturally, he introduced me to holistic health, an integration of mind, body and spirit. By becoming more aware of my body and breath, by noticing the limiting belief systems that had remained on unconscious autopilot and learning how to shift these ingrained patterns, my life significantly changed from anxious and apathetic to living a life of empowerment and freedom.

After a couple years working with my naturopath, I realized I wanted to know about everything he was doing. At this same time, I was questioning whether I wanted to continue working in the corporate world or pursue another degree. As you may have guessed, I chose to dive into naturopathy. 

I studied at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., a comprehensive four-year traditional naturopathy school. 

I studied with Jim McDonald through his four-season herbal intensive program. 

I learned the holistic counseling method from Dr. Moshe Block.

Mike Cohen was a wonderful teacher in somatic work and the Enneagram.

I spent two years traveling to Berkeley, California to study energy and Reichian character structure with Lynda Caesara. I'm currently continuing in the fourth year of this energy class lineage with Zoe Balfour.

Throughout all this, I had the privilege to work alongside my mentor, Micah McLaughlin, founder of Continuum Healing, the Wellness Collective Grand Rapids and the Vitalist Institute/School of Psychospiritual Transformation.

I'm grateful for these teachers and the many more I've had over the years. I am excited for a lifetime of so much more learning to come. 



1324 Lake Drive, Suite 7, Grand Rapids, MI, 49506

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